€62 / noche
Precio para huéspedes, noches


  • 2 habitaciones
  • 4 plazas
  • 2 noche estancia mín.

Información fundamental

  • Playa más cercana a 1 km
  • Apto para niños
  • Se recomienda coche
  • No se admiten mascotas
  • Jardín privado

Descripción del propietario


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  • Ideal para todos los niños
  • No se admiten mascotas

Cama y cuarto de baño

  • 1 Camas King, 1 Cama matrimonial
  • 1 Cuarto de baño familiar


  • Wifi
  • Jardín privado
  • Acceso a Internet
  • Fogón de cocina
  • Frigorífico
  • Congelador
  • Microondas
  • Tostadora
  • Lavadora
  • Televisión
  • Equipo de música
  • Ropa de cama

Más Menos


  • Aparcamiento
  • Aparcamiento seguro
  • No recomendable para personas en silla de ruedas


Hora de entrada: 15:00, Hora de salida: 13:00
Si tienes alguna pregunta sobre las horas de llegada o salida, ponte en contacto con el propietario o el gerente.
Este alojamiento solo se puede pagar online a través de Niumba usando una tarjeta de crédito o de débito, o PayPal (nunca por transferencia de fondos instantánea).

Depósito de seguridad: (€119,49) £100,00
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Fecha de entrada

*Los gastos de gestión se estipulan en la información de la política de cancelación en la página de pagos. Esta tarifa nos ayuda a gestionar una plataforma segura y un servicio de asistencia al cliente las 24 horas

Sobre este propietario

Claudia Y.
Última actualización del calendario:
09 octubre 2019
años anunciado:
Situado en:
Reino Unido
Puntuación general:

Idiomas hablados: Inglés, Francés, Español, Portugués, Alemán, Italiano, Checo, Neerlandés, Finés, Húngaro, Noruego, Ruso, Sueco


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Opiniones de los huéspedes

Muy bueno
6 opiniones

Muy bueno

“Relaxing and Comfortable”

Reviewed 1 Jan 2017

The house is exactly the way the pictures display. The host Steve was absolutely awesome,whatever you want or wherever you need to go Steve did those things. He called every day to make sure me and my daughter was ok. He took us to the beach and the supermarket. The house is situated in a quiet neighborhood and the wind that comes off the water where you don't have to use the fan. When I go back to Jamaica,I'm surely and won't hesitate to go back. Everything was excellent. Thank you Steve for so much.

“we were actually cheated”

Reviewed 5 Feb 2016

We were 3, my husband, mother and myself. We stayed there for 11 days. It was terrible from the first day itself. The property is not exactly as shown in the map. It is like 3-4 kms away from Hilton, … Más

Respuesta del propietario: I am very surprised at all your complaints, I have had numerous guests that stayed at the property and good reviews, I do not understand. Why did you not report before, you had my email and could have reported all these concerns beforehand but you choose to wait until you left the property and demanding a refunds You have been one of the worse traveller that have been to our property. The reviews from our previous travellers is a big difference. From the very start . I was advised that you caused a lot of mischief and complaining both from Steve, the drivers who were not happy at all. A housekeeper was appointed to clean the property and you have listed all these complaints why did you not mention this to the housekeeper and the host of the property,? The first week of your stay our housekeeper is contracted to clean the house. Weeks after that you have to pay for that service and is chargeable and is compulsory. I am dismissing all your comments on here as it is your responsibilty to pay for that service. I would like to point out that an housekeeper who would come in and clean, this is chargeable and is compulsory after the second week. These are all extras that you would the customer would need to pay. Am I not correct that a Housekeeper came the first week whilst you were there, this service was paid for by Steve? Why did you not mention in this, yet you waited until you left the property with all the complaints. The washing machine as stated is a brand new machine which was imported from the UK and it does work. I was there previously two weeks prior,guests after that had no problem. As for the tours, I would like to confirm that Steve is not a tour guide, he is there to provide transport and it is your responsibility to arrange tour and pay for the services for a tour guide or services. Steve lives approximately 2 hour drive from the property This lady has been out of order and if she has taken photographs, she has taken it whilst being at the property and have used them and not cleaned the items, such as the fridge or microwave which is her responsibility, the housekeeper was there the first week only The fridge you said had fungi and you could not use certain parts, or could not open? So why did you not show this to the Housekeeper when she came the first week?? This is a double compartment fridge which is in good working order. You mentioned about the mosquitos coming in, You need to get mosquito repellent? Jamaica is a hot country, and you will get mosquitos!!! There are windows which can be shut at night!!1 The settee you talked about was slightly damaged by a family that had previously stayed there child which was some small slits in one of the sofa and I personally brought a throw over cover so it was hidden and this was never raised from no one staying there. You complained about lounge chairs that you mentioned is that is two lounge chairs that is ine property. These are not sun loungers, and it does not say in the description that I have sun loungers. i was advised that you were that one that was constantly complaining this is from Steve and friends and what we found rude was that you mainly spoke in your language. *Indian) Please note it is very rude when speaking to people and I am sure you can speak English. Steve advised me about this and I told him it is very rude and disrespectful and he should tell you that it is not acceptable. Would you like if he spoke to you in Jamaican patois??? We did our best to accomodate you and your family. In my professional opinion we gave you advice about prices, the area, the locals and other things that would have cost you far more if you left you to your own devices, you would more than likely would have to pay more!!! i would also like to point out, that Steve is not a Tour Guide, if you wanted the services of a Tour Guide you would have to pay for that service. Steve is there to accomodate your needs, there is access to a car and a driver. Steve has to travel a long way to the property and the arrangement you had for touring and travelling is agreement between yourselves and has nothing to do with the property, so please do not bring this into it. I am sure you were taken you where you want to visit if you did not want the services of a Tour Guide, I am sure you would have had to search the net yourself? I am from the UK and I do not know every where in Jamaica, Steve is a local and he himself does not know every tourist spot? ns the property. This an arrangement that can be done separately, in some property, it is compulsory for a housekeeper to attend the property and clean after the second week which you have to pay, This is a private house not a HOTEL., this was explained to you and you did not take up the offer. You mentioned about beer bottles everywhere in the house. I would like to know where exactly everywhere in the house accommodates beer bottles. If there are beer bottles, this is kept outside of the house and is collected once a fortnight from bottle collector, we do not throw them awaythis is left in a cupboard outside the property There is some untruth everywhere. Why did you not mention that to Steve the host. He could have easily explained that. I would like to confirm there is towels and sheets in the property, we do not use blankets in Jamaica it is a hot country we have throw over sheets which was purchased in Jamaica and also from the UK. I personally brought them from the UK back in November 2015. II was told that you complained about fans and apparently you thought the property had ceiling fans!! Please read the description it says stand alone fans With regards to the fans, i would like you to alone fans which can be moved aroud the house. I understand that this was mentioned to Steve and you thought that house had ceiling fans. If you read the description of the property it did not say it air conditioned or ceiling fans, it read FANS and the boxed was ticked for that. We were honest to give you our opinions about Jamaica, the locals and the lifestyle what you should pay etc I am sure I gave you good detailed information. You would have paid a great deal more. As regards to you taking pictures of the house and videoing which is my private property is torally out of order and i will argue and get friends to support us. You took pictures and videos and if you had all these concerns, you should have written to me via email or explained. All the time when asked every thing you said was fine. So that shows that you had something up your sleeve. has skype session with Steve who had the lawn cut and the the house was up to immaculate I saw this via skype and shown around prior to your visit. In my opinion this lady has been nothing but a trouble maker and because I refused to refund half of the monies she is unhappy after she has left the property, which I think it is blatant BLACKMAIL. I and Steve are professional as you can see from the previous reviews and take it that the photographs that you provided were taken whilst you were at the property and used the services as when you vacated the property, the cooker was a total mess and was not cleaned. .


Reviewed 14 Nov 2015

My friend recommended this place to stay as it was value for money and very spacious as she herself had stayed there previously. Upon my arrival I was met at the airport by the proprietor who was ex… Más

Respuesta del propietario: Hi P, it was a pleasure having you at our property, we look forward to seeing you in 2016 and glad that you enjoyed your time at our property. Your review is absolutely fantastic!!

“Magical - Well Worth It”

Reviewed 28 May 2015

This was my first time visiting Jamaica and fortunately, this was one of my friends recommended places to stay. The housekeeper was extremely helpful with my belongings, and was very friendly and app… Más

Respuesta del propietario: Thanks very much for this review, we were very happy to have you at our home. We welcolme you back next year.

“Enjoy your stay!”

Reviewed 28 May 2015

As a last minute booking, the service I received was excellent; I was greeted favourably with breakfast and must say it was absolutely delicious and refreshing, delivered by the owners! A very cool an… Más

Respuesta del propietario: Thanks for your comments and your enjoyable stay, we do our best to accommodate and assist with any issues. We welcome you back to our property next year!! Thank you also for recommending your friends and glad to know they have also booked our property.

“Definitely would recommend!!!”

Reviewed 28 May 2015

I stayed here for the week and must say that everything met my needs. The housekeeper would cook me and my husband food and is absolutely delicious! The room, bathroom and other amenities were as ex… Más

Respuesta del propietario: Thanks for your wonderful comments and your husband and yourself were great guests to. See you soon!!!

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